20 Free Things To Do During This Lockdown

As We All Are still In The Lockdown and Done with Prime, Netflix , Corona Virus News but guys There Are Still Lot Many Things To Do, That To For Free…What You Need Is The Internet and There You Go..So build new skills, explore hobbies and do things you’ve always wanted to.

Today I am with 20 Free Amazing Things which You Will Love To Do During This Lockdown.

Watch A Film

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Netflix and Amazon Prime are not your only options, You can also try movies and you don’t have to pay for a subscription to watch excellent movies.

Openculture has a great list of 1150 free movies that you can watch online now. If you have a qualified university or library card, you may also have access to Kanopi which offers thousands more film options for free.

You Can Also Try Vigas Application If You Are an Android User. Here You Will Find Lot Many Movies, Series Everything For FREE..

Watch a Documentary 

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If you’re Somewhat intellectual and rational Person and like Documentaries then there are a few websites that give you a free access

Whether you’re into sharks, revolutions, or serial killers, you’ll find something interesting to watch during Lockdown. Some great sites include Documentary Tube,  Top Documentary Films and Documentary Heaven.


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Meditation and Mindfulness Not Only help people to stay calm But also help them to focus and Appreciate what they have.

This is a simple concept that can be difficult to master, but you can start at home right now, and see If it works for you.

Read Or Listen To Books

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Read Books

If your new year resolution was to read more and you haven’t did It Yet.. you can definitely get this year.

You can eventually deal with a huge pile of novels next to your bed or you can find something interesting on many books. If you like audiobooks, try Audible for free.

Improve your Communication Skills

Worried that being at home is erasing your communication skills?

You can actually improve them while at home to help relieve workplace stresses, excel in group work and add in-demand soft skills to your CV.

Start Your Own Blog

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This can be a good time to build your audience, especially if you have relatively cheap, indoor hobbies that you can share.

Interest in past games such as cooking and board games has increased in recent weeks – if your hobbies are trending, why not set up a blog and share your knowledge? You can set up a WordPress account and blog for free, and take it from there.

Try a Fitness Challenge

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Missing Gym? We All Are ..There are a lot of fitness challenges that you can try from home, so you can emerge from a lockdown fitter, leaner or stronger.

You can do a 100 pushup challenge, squat challenge, or just a 30-day bodyweight workout challenge to stay healthy at home.

Just make sure that you do not push too hard before doing any exercise, and get completely warmed up.

Write a Novel

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Do you have time to make rather than consume?

If you’ve always wanted to write a novel, but never found the time or inspiration, this is your chance. Apparently Shakespeare wrote King Lear in isolation during the plague, so this lockdown may be when you write your opus.

If you are not really sure from where to start, we have a free course on how to start writing fiction to get you on the right track.

Cook Something New 

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One good thing about being home is that you can spend time on cooking from scratch till end.

You can find great recipes online. My Favorites are Cooking Shooking and Hebbar’s Kitchen, you can check them out over the Youtube and make some tasty and yum food .

Learn a Language

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Always wanted to speak Foreign Languages ? Try Udemy, Linkedin Learning or Future Learn. Enroll Yourself and Start Learning

Lockdown gives you a lot of time to devote in learning a new language, brushing up on vocabulary, and testing pronunciation.

Clear out your Wardrobe

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Now This Is A Great Opportunity to Try Out New Outfits or Discover Your Old Favorites.

Its the best time to sorting out your wardrobe clean it up and coordinate them into sections so that its easier to look around in the morning.

Do a Crossword/Sudoku

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Cross Puzzle

If you love to play puzzles , Crossword then put your brain into these tests and lets do some brain exercise. there are many apps online download them on your mobile and there you go..

Give Yourself a Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure Image

Manicure & Pedicure

Sometimes it is the little things in life that make us feel better. This lockdown why not we take out some time for our self, so push your cuticles down, rub some cream and choose a shade that makes you smile from ear to ear.

Make a Photo Album or Back up your Phone Pictures

Photo Album Image

Photo Album

Its Time to compile a photo album or scrapbook from your past memories and don’t forget to make a back-up of photos on your phone, to ensure you don’t lose them in years to come.

Do Some Gardening

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Well if you love Greenery why not plant them introduce some colors to your home and plant some flowers or veggies at your place. As the Sun is rising at its peak its the ideal time to get out in the garden and watch your flowers bloom. 

Learn to Play an Instrument

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Dedicate your new-found time to music and learn an instrument that you’ve always wanted to play. There are many tutorials online browse some and try this out .

Indulge in a Chocolate-Making Class

Chocolate Making image

Chocolate Making Image

“Nine Out of Ten People Like Chocolate The Tenth Person Always Lies “ If you are Obsessed with Chocolates like me why not just make it. Give it a try to these tempting chocolates at home. Explore some recipes online and bake them for you and for your loved ones.

Read the Magazine

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Subscribe for the magazines this quarantine and upgrade and uplift positivity and full of joy in a bid to provide some much-needed entertainment.

Become a Hairstyling Pro

Hair styling Image

Hair styling Image

Curling your hair isn’t easy, and if you’re not a natural when it comes to hair styling, maybe now’s the time to hone your skills. Nowadays Many people showing there talent on Instagram. Try this skill and upload it over your social media.

Do Cocktail Night! 

Cocktail Night image

Cocktail Night

Last but not the least, To De-Stess and have fun indulge in some cocktail party at home with your loved ones on their Birthdays and Anniversaries..Cheers

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20 Free Things To Do During This Lockdown